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What are the Hair Transplant Stages?

For people who do not have any problems as a result of all the examinations to be made, procedures consisting of 6 stages are included.
Planning Phase

Hair transplantation design and planning are given for the patient who will be informed about the complications of hair transplantation.

Preparation Phase

At this stage, in which care is taken to complete the preparations in the operation area, haircuts and shaving procedures are performed. By using local anesthesia, the patient is allowed to be prepared under sterile conditions.

Removal of Hair Roots

It is the stage where quality hair follicles are taken, starting from the nape of the non-shedding areas. Various liquid injections are made for a more comfortable operation. Hair follicles are collected without the patient feeling any pain.

Channels Opening Stage

It is possible to open channels in the appropriate number and direction for the roots to be transplanted.

Hair Transplant Phase

According to the planning of your specialist doctors, hair transplantation would be performed starting from certain areas. It is seen as the last stage in hair transplantation and you are expected to follow certain instructions.

Completion of Hair Transplantation

Following the completion of hair transplantation according to FUE or PRP procedures, patients are told what they should pay attention to in certain periods.

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HealthExcelsior offers a natural and effective solutions in hair transplantation to our guests from around the world.
(*) We offer free re-operation unless retention rate is above 95%.

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