DHI Hair Transplant

It is the implant of grafts (hair follicles) taken by micro motor method with disposable needles and CHOI pens. It is an application technique called “Direct Hair Transplant” or “Pen Technique”. Transplantation of hair follicles and channel opening operations are performed at the same time owing to the DHI pen.

DHI method can be used for more dense hair transplantation. Therefor the hair looks more natural. In addition, since the waiting period of the grafts is minimized, graft loss is reduced, during and after hair transplantation.

Another advantage of DHI; with the hair transplant pen, angle and direction is easier and the angles of the transplanted grafts can be determined much more easily. In addition, tissue damage is minimized in DHI transplantation, as holes are opened as wide as the hair follicle.

This technique cannot be applied to all hair types. Dhi will be inefficient if planting is to be made in very large and balding areas. The DHI technique gives good results in hair densification, in thin hair.

Is unshaved hair transplantation done with the DHI technique?

In both ways, shaved and unshaven hair transplantation is performed with the DHI technique. However, unshaven hair transplantation cannot be applied to everyone. Another important point here; The side and back part of the head (donor area) can be shaved at the earliest 1 month after the hair transplant operation. 3 months after the operation, the transplant area can be shaved. Without touching the skin, This shaving is done with scissors, not with a machine. For this reason, unshaved Dhi hair transplantation provides variability according to the number and area to be transplanted to avoid visually shaving one place and unshaved another.

In addition, the Unshaved Dhi technique is mostly used for women. More hair densification can be done in women. Other uses of the DHI technique are; wound closure, hair transplantation to the suture scar and hair transplantation to the area where the hair is broken.

In the healing process; Hair transplantation with the DHI technique heals a little faster than other hair transplantation techniques.
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