Beard Transplant

In most cultures, the beard is associated with masculinity, virility and is also considered to be complementary to the aesthetic appearance of a man's face and gives him the masculine appearance he wants. Lately, the appearance of unshaven beard among young people is also a trend. Men who have difficulty with growing a beard or mustache, who want to get a higher density or for any other reason, are looking for a solution in this regard. In the Health Excelsior transplant center we satisfy your desire to get the shape of the beard you want (in terms of density, naturalness and shape of the chin) with our professional medical team and for the use of the latest technology in beard transplant.

Beard transplant uses the same technique as hair transplantation, FUE technique; the follicular units being extracted from the donor area of the head, then they are analyzed and organized with meticulousness, while in the implantation area channels / incisions are created and respectively the implantation of the follicular units in the later open channels. The facial transplant process takes about 6 hours and is performed under local anesthesia.