Eyebrow Implant

Eyebrows are very important in defining the shape of your face and expression. A natural-looking eyebrow is an important part of your appearance, because it draws attention to the eyes and expresses impressions about your personality.

Eyebrow transplant in Health Excelsior is the final solution to this problem, which can occur in the form of, a lack of density or a very thin tissue or a scar that leaves empty spots or even the total absence of eyebrows due to genetic or other conditions.


The most common cause of eyebrow hair loss in women is over-extraction or redefinition, which over time causes permanent damage to the hair follicle, which causes scarring and complete hair loss.

Another reason for eyebrow hair loss is drawing eyebrows with a pencil to give them more intensity and shape. As well as not removing the product after use.

While some patients want to have an eyebrow transplant to improve their physical appearance, others are looking to restore eyebrows by burns and scars, or due to medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

For others, eyebrow hair loss can have a genetic cause, the eyebrows are very thin, there are empty spaces in the eyebrows. Eyebrow hair loss can be associated with alopecia and other systemic diseases, such as thyroid disorders.


Eyebrow hair grows as individual strands, each bulb contains only one hair, being different from head hair, where the bulbs contain 2-3-4 hairs. Eyebrow hair has a very short growth cycle. This means that it only grows in four months before it goes to rest and falls out. Instead, scalp hair has a life cycle of 3 to 7 years, so scalp hair can grow much longer.

In the case of eyebrow transplant, only the follicular units containing a single hair should be selected to achieve a successful eyebrow transplant. The angle of growth of the eyebrows is different from the angle of hair growth in the occipital area, this being an important aspect in the procedure and it  lasts about 4 hours depending on the situation of each patient. The shape of the eyebrows will be defined by the specialist in agreement with the patient. The follicles will generally be taken from behind the ear.

Eyebrow transplant is an easy operation, without pain or need for rest. If you have chosen to do an eyebrow transplant after it is strictly forbidden to pluck hair with tweezers.